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Founded in July, 2005 our school is one of the loveliest and liveliest child care facilities in our area. We like to think of Robin Hood Montessori School as a place that children and adults consider their second home… a place where they are accepted and loved … a place where laughter and play are cherished … a place where children’s rhythms are caught and given warm response. It is our role to not only facilitate the learning of children, parents and one another, but also work as enablers to the important work of our outstanding Montessori Philosophy. We are pleased to embrace these roles.
We hope you will enjoy your visit, have all your questions answered and receive all the information you need to help you make the decision to enroll your child in our school.

The Robin Hood Montessori School is a non-denominational private school serving the educational needs of children 3 months to 6 years. The school follows principles that develop an identifiable mark of quality and excellence in education.  We are committed to the concept of Montessori education. We believe that facilitating the intellectual, physical, emotional and socio-spiritual development of the child is essential to the harmonious development of character and the progress of the individual and therefore mankind. The goal of our program is to nurture
the unfolding of the child’s potential by providing love and security, encouragement and appreciation of the child’s efforts. We provide a specially prepared environment where the child will find stimulation and the opportunity to learn by doing. This personal involvement and experience give the child a love of learning that he/she will take with them for life. By infusing the five human values that are fundamental to all human development – truth, right action, peace, love and non violence into our curriculum we establish a foundation in character which will be expressed in ethical personality, good self-esteem and strong confidence.

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Our program is geared to meet the needs of each child on an individual basis with emphasis being placed on the child’s uniqueness. We provide a wide range of activities from which the child can select, thereby developing his independence by making decisions. The child enjoys a freedom which encourages him to express his creative abilities and master the skills necessary to build self-confidence and good self-esteem. This freedom is experienced within a structured framework established by the teacher with limits to provide security for the child and ensure progress in all areas of his/her development. Discipline is established in a firm but loving way, always emphasizing the positive and by using consistency in reinforcing simple basic ground rules. The aim of our educational program is to provide the scientifically prepared environment for the complete development of the potentiality of each individual child. Essential to this development is that the child should feel
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secure and at ease. For this reason the classrooms are especially adapted to the child’s size and provide and attractive, bright and warm atmosphere in which the child can feel at home. Because human beings in the state of development, are capable of growth at four different levels: (1) motor-muscular, (2) intellectual, (3) emotional, and (4) socio-spiritual, the classroom is a prepared environment which includes all conditions, materials and activities conducive to the development of the child at each of these levels.
This requires that children be grouped in what is known as “Family Grouping”. This also requires that the schedule of the day be organized as an “Integrated Day” of free activities. These lend the opportunity to the child to choose among several possibilities of being constructively and creatively active. It is through this free choice that a child develops his will power and sense of responsibility toward himself, his fellow creatures, and his environment. The scientifically prepared environment is adapted to the children’s age group or stage of development.
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My son began his Robin Hood journey at just over 1 years of age. He is now almost 4. With it being my first child, I toured many schools in the area and Robin Hood was definitely a standout! It's impeccably clean and thoughtfully organized. It was immediately clear to me that the staff took great pride in their school - and that continues to be the case to this day. During his time at Robin Hood my son has exponentially grown educationally, socially and emotionally. I honestly couldn't be happier with the education, care and love he has received from the Robin Hood staff. He even asks to go to school on weekends that's how much he loves his time there. :) As a parent, I've always felt like I'm a part of bigger family at Robin Hood. The other families are kind and welcoming too! The Robin Hood staff organizes special events throughout the year for both the kids and parents to take part in. They really go all out and put just as much care and attention into these events as they do into every other aspect of their business. I know my child is safe in their care and that's something I've never questioned. If you are considering Robin Hood as the school for your child, I can say that you will never be disappointed and that you will feel so fortunate that you found this place. Their waitlist is long, but that's for good reason. It's because they provide a truly exceptional experience. We are relocating out of state and are heartbroken to leave our Robin Hood family. However, I know our son will take all the amazing memories and education from his time at Robin Hood with him. We absolutely cherished our time there and will greatly miss their amazing team.
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My 5 yr old daughter has been at Robinhood for almost 2 yrs now and I can assure you that it's one of the best schools in the area. I have witnessed my daughter's huge improvement the moment she began attending this Montessori. The teachers really do care and love working with children. They go out of their way to make learning fun everyday.
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As a mother of 15 month old  who attends Robin Hood and a high school teacher this last week has been tough due to everything happening in the news nationally. It's exhausting for all teachers and especially those of us who have children. My fellow colleagues mention how they worry about their young children at school and if they are safe. Each time they turn to me and ask me how I feel about my child in school and I have always said, "I know my child is safe and with the best teachers." I can do my job well as an educator and not worry because I drop my child off each day at Robin Hood and know she's not only safe but loved, growing and learning. My child has been attending this school since they were six months and we have loved every minute of this school. My child loves being dropped off each and every morning. My child's face lights up when they sees their teachers and realizes they are at school. I have been in education for a very long time and have worked and interacted with a lot of varying programs and organizations and by far this school is not only wonderful because they help student's grow but each student is treated and loved like their own. Robin Hood goes above and beyond for each of their students. My husband and I spent months visiting and speaking with other programs and nothing compared to Robinhood. This school is so special and important to my family that we are staying in the area and looking for housing in the area solely so we  can remain close to the school. I guarantee you will not find a stronger program in Orange County that goes above and beyond like Robinhood. Thank you Robinhood for setting the standard and for loving each student that walks through your doors. Students don't forget educators who impact their lives and are better individuals because of it.
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Both of our kids go to this school. The teachers are amazing and filled with love for every one and every thing they do. Both my kids are a grade further than others in the area because of this school. So many preschools are much more just babysitters, this is a classroom where they learn all day. My kids also love the evening "kids night out" like they had last night on 5/28/22. An evening of fun. They get to play game, yell, scream and just be kids!  They cherish these nights and I know we enjoy a date night too. Can't recommend this school enough.
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Our family grew since my last review and our 10 month old started at RHM in January in the infant program while our daughter still attends the Montessori program. We are very appreciative of the loving care that our baby has received from the infant teachers. When we drop off in the morning he is so excited to see his teachers and happily reaches for them. It was very hard going back to work after maternity leave, but I know that he is well cared for and loved during the day. Our daughter, now 4, continues to thrive academically, emotionally and socially in the Montessori program. We loved going to the Open House recently to be able to see some of the work she's learning. She was so proud and confident! My children love going here. My husband and I are so thankful they are safe, loved and receiving the highest quality of care we could imagine in a preschool!
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We started our oldest child at Robin Hood Montessori over two years ago. Rarely does a day go by that we don't hear about her activities and coursework. Yesterday, she came home very excited to tell us that she was starting a new math chapter! She frequently asks if we know how to say a word or phrase in Spanish that she has learned. She has made many friends at Robin Hood and is especially fond of her teachers. We know that everyone at Robin Hood cares deeply about her development and character. The rooms are kept impeccably clean. They designed the layout to encourage experimentation and exploration while helping children learn to make good choices. We jumped at the chance to add our son to the Robin Hood family -- it has been a wonderful experience. At just under a year old, he is cheery and well-cared-for. Robin Hood occasionally schedules special extracurricular events that the children love. These events give parents a welcome break for a few hours. The people of Robin Hood are thoughtful, safe, and caring. We love sending our children there.
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I have 2 children that went through Robin Hood, from the infant room up to the 2-3 year old, and 1 child that made it up from the infant room to almost the oldest (she was pre-kindergarten) before we moved away. Robin Hood was a school we chose by chance and proximity to us, and it was the best choice we made, for our family and our children. The teachers are all very warm and genuinely care for your child, with daily paper progress reports for the infant room, and a verbal note for the older children. Communication was important to me, and I feel that the staff was always great at letting me know what was going on with my children. They also retain staff for long periods (years VS weeks/months), which has not been my experience in other daycares. My children all grew with one or two teachers over the years, not new faces every month. Staff retention is important in an industry where burnout is common, and Robin Hood had it down. The child room head counts were small enough that my children received very individual attention, not just by what the state mandates for children to teacher ratios. They do not nickel and dime you to death as other daycares will with fundraisers and requests for additional money throughout the year. The childcare prices were reasonable, and always explained with exactly what was being used and where. Little extras like "kid's night out" and seasonal feld trips (before the pandemic) were fun additional things my kids could participate in, and made special memories for my family. We developed a small community with the other parents and children from here, which feels so hard to do in Southern California. Robin Hood was our extended family during that time period, and made the first years of my children's lives very memorable, and we are eternally grateful for that experience.
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I visited multiple schools in the area trying to find a "home" for my then one year old son & three year old daughter.  The moment I walked into Robin Hood Montessori, I felt at ease.  The cleanliness, professionalism & friendliness is something I noticed right away.  Flash forward five and a half years and nothing has changed.  They are always tidy, friendly, loving, and professional. This is a very personal decision for every parent to entrust someone with the care of our children and make it a "home" away from Home.  Robin Hood Montessori has always had the best interest for my two children. They have absorbed so much in their short time here and I will very much miss the days at Robin Hood.  I would highly recommend scheduling a visit when looking into school/daycare options.
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Our daughter just spent two years learning and growing at Robin Hood. We couldn't have asked for a more loving and safe learning environment for her. Now that we have moved out of state, we realize even more what a great experience Robin Hood was for our family. The level of cleanliness, structure, respect and care was of the highest quality - and seems to be irreplaceable. I would highly recommend checking out this school and getting on the waitlist ASAP! We miss our Robin Hood family and only hope that others get to enjoy the experience at this school.
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Such an amazing school, staff, family!  Our kids have been able to excel here in ways they never would have been able to to other schools. I can't recommend this place enough. There is a reason there is a wait list!!!  These teachers are like family to us.
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My daughter has been attending Robin Hood for 3 years- they are our family and second home. The security you need to go through to access your child is the best I've seen in any preschool setting (I know this because I've picked up many of my friends kids from their schools) and the organization, classroom setup and care they receive from Robin Hood is the absolute best- they are the Nordstrom of Montessori's in Orange County- to have your child attend Robin Hood is truly an honor and privilege.
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Best learning environment for our two boys to find themselves and explore the world around them.  Robin Hood has become our home away from home quite literally, because we consistently relocate across the country with my job.  The staff provides patient, attentive concern to each individual child to find their moments of brilliance as they discover their strengths.  We are relocating again away from Robin Hood, and our saddest moment on this move will be saying goodbye to the school where our sons grew to become the individuals they are today.  If you are looking for care and love within an environment that has been meticulously planned and executed, Robin Hood is the only place you need visit.  Ramona and Mariam have become family to us, and we will never lose touch as we continue to explore the US on our journeys.
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We couldn't be more grateful for the for experience our children had at Robinhood under the care of The Klymko's and the caring teaching staff. While discipline and structure guided their days, fun was infused to teach our children the right balance. Our kids graduated from Robinhood this past summer and started at their new school today and my husband I could not help but give thanks to Robinhood for being a pillar in their foundation. Thank you, Robinhood! So grateful! We miss you.

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